Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm learning!

I teach graduate and undergraduate management classes at a state school in Pennsylvania.  I'm taking a class about learning and teaching in virtual worlds, therefore, I titled my blog, "Learning About Teaching In Virtual Worlds." 

I am not new to second life.  I've been playing around in SL for over 3 years.  I first came to SL to attend an academic conference at Open University's Second Life campus.  I never made it to the conference.  But I did make an avatar!  Since my first visit, I have returned to Second Life - always interested but not quite sure how to use virtual worlds in my teaching.  I created an extra credit scavenger hunt for my undergraduate students to complete.  I held an optional class in Second Life - student could attend class in person or "attend" in Second Life with an avatar.  That was interesting!  But the educational value of Second Life is elusive to ME.  I feel there is something of value here for me...I hope this class will help me to discover what it is.

So far I've learned a lot.  I learned how to create a blog - that was easy!  Another tool in a toolbox of too many tools.  I'm thinking that I could use a blogging tool to replace the Journals that I have my Leadership students keep...would that save me (and my students) time?

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